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Built In-Kind is a design and fabrication workshop who specialises in custom furniture and joinery commissions, and the design and delivery of educational building programs for women and diverse communities.
Through classes which teach design, tool use and construction skills, we aim to build a community empowered to have greater agency in their built environments, and create a culture of self-sufficiency and resilience.

Whether you would like to commission a custom piece of furniture, are a social service provider wishing to design engagement programs for your clients, or a creative individual who would like to learn to build more and develop your skills – Built In-Kind is excited to work with you and learn together!


  • Communities that experience marginalisation have less access and opportunities to develop design, construction and tool skills.
  • This affects our spatial agency and impacts our financial and housing security, and ultimately has adverse outcomes on our health and wellbeing.
  • Built In-Kind aims to dismantle entrenched gendered and cultural norms that have limited the access and agency of diverse communities in their built environments.

  • We achieve this by creating a safe and intentional classroom designed to welcome people from diverse backgrounds into the construction workshop environment. We are dedicated to teaching future teachers – believing that you “have to see it to be it” and it’s essential that those leading and facilitating our workshops are representative of the communities we aim to empower.
  • Our mission is to decentralise the skills, tools, spaces and belief systems which are essential in achieving self-sufficiency, and hope to be part of building a community which is empowered, resilient and committed to spreading knowledge.


‘Peace Room Shelf’ Commission, June 2023
Wallsend Free Pantry Build, June 2022
‘Building Dignity’ dining table build workshop, Women’s Week 2023
‘Building Capacity’ participatory consultation workshop, August 2023

So who is behind Built In-Kind?

Hannah Cheetham
Director / Founder
Built In-Kind

Working on Awabakal land, Hannah holds a Masters of Architecture and has an extensive and varied background in the construction and fabrication industries. Hannah’s practice ‘Built In-Kind’ is deeply informed by a need to explore solutions to both societal and environmental stressors experienced when living in a world in the throes of a changing climate, and a society of unequal social privileges.

Hannah applies architecture as a solutions-focused creative discipline, which transcends the familiar field of building design. Rather, her practice in architecture and design explores opportunities for socio-cultural, spatial, environmental and experiential interventions which can connect community to their built, natural and cultural landscapes.

Built In-Kind as a practice is a synthesis of architectural design, workshop and fabrication education, material recovery and community development. Hannah partners with various government and non-government organisations to host tool and timber fabrication classes- further empowering diverse community, particularly women in the creative/fabrication fields.


Q/ You don’t have any classes listed for private bookings, how do I find out when you will be offering classes?

Easy! Head to our contact page to register your interest for classes and we’ll keep you in the loop. You’re also welcome to send through specific requests or areas of interest.

Q/ Do you accept men into your classes?

Absolutely, however some classes will be tailored for women and gender-expansive folk only. Our classes will always seek to have a limit of 50% male participants.

Q/ I work for an organisation, and we would love to engage you to hold a workshop with our clients, however we don’t have funding. Do you assist with grant and funding proposals?

Yes! Often funding bodies will want a quote or cost estimate for a project or grant. Built In-Kind is happy to assist in providing cost estimates and quotes for this purpose. Built In-Kind also offers grant writing support – aiding your organisation in articulating the intention and outcomes of hosting a workshop for your community.

Q/ Is Built In-Kind a registered Non-For Profit?

Not as yet. We are operating Built In-Kind as a social enterprise. This means that while we may make a profit as an organisation, these are channeled back into the initiative in the form programming for social and environmental impact.

Q/ I would like to book a private class for myself and my family/partner/ children to join. Do you offer this option?

Yes! We love this class dynamic! It’s so special to teach people to build, while building something beautiful to become an heirloom in your home. Please send an enquiry via our contact page with your ideas.

Q/ Do you sell gift vouchers for your classes?

Yes, we do sell gift vouchers, however these vouchers can only be redeemed on our recurring classes. Please reach out via our contact form for more information.

Q/ I work for an organisation, and we would like to commission a custom piece of furniture/ joinery for our space. Can our community be involved in the building process?

Absolutely! That’s the whole point of Built In-Kind and these are our favourite projects! Can’t wait to work with you – read a little more about this option on our Services page, and contact us to receive an Expression of Interest Questionnaire.

Q/ If I donate to your cause, will I get a Tax Deductible Receipt?

As we are not registered as a Charity, we cannot issue a Tax Deductible Receipt. However, we can guarantee that any support you make to Built In-Kind will be used to ensure that more diverse community can access and attend our programs.